Does Photo booth add craziness in your wedding?

Photo booths are quite the thing at weddings these days. If done well they can be a genuine highlight of the day with funny poses, variety of picture poses and some ultimate selfies… if done badly they can be a disappointing waste of time and money!

Without Photo booth is like an Unripe Fruit. Photo booth ideas really make memories feel special. Some people don’t know how to pose for photos in the weddings and they don’t know what value that photo poses brings in the long run. Traditional Photographers covers Front stage and only this professionals are bride groom focused deterrents.

So’ What about Backstage folks?

Craziness has no limit, that is why we recently shared a blog about Commonly used photo props in Wedding, From the Wigs to moustache, Frames to Backdrops all creativity performed inside photo booth. Even after party, Bride groom spend some quality time with their Friends and Family by taking insane pictures from Polaroid to any other modes.

What are the Facts which add craziness?

Photo Booth like BILIMBE at your wedding will give a variety of couple photo poses ideas and it gives your Guests an impeccable time, Those who can share their quality fun filled time with their Family, Relatives and Friends. This brings Commonality and sharing attribute,

User Engagement

Good poses for photos can able to network with all other Peoples whom they have never seen and share the Props and snaps with each and every one. BILIMBE Photo Booth will keep Guests Busy and Stay Engaged.

Go Social

Nowadays Pictures in the Wall has less power than Pictures at Social Media, Guests look to share their Frenzied taken picture on Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. And few may email their photos to themselves or share with their friends.

Selfie Photo booth in Wedding

Selfie Photo Booths are perfect addition for any Party or Events, Mainly at Wedding because they will capture each and every best photo pose without knowing you; Selfie Booths engages all Guests none get tired and feel themselves as A Kid’ and Kid will be A Kid.

A Custom booth includes Creative App in a Device, That allows Guests to select their themes and Background images to customize their experience. Also Bilimbe includes stunning form factor along with custom Graphics and Proprietary User Interface (UI).

These are Common Photo booth service offered by BILIMBE,

  1. Customized Photo Frame Design
  2. Customized Message Content
  3. Instant Photo Share via Social Networks, Email and Mobile transfer
  4. Downloadable photo link
  5. Instant Photo Prints
  6. Booth on Wheels
  7. Fun Props
  8. Onsite Executive

Selfie booths are fun packed machines like photo poses with friends, creative wedding photos and always consider if you are planning for a Wedding or an Event .Most of the Guests review your occasion with their friends. So make it remarkable with Photo booth images.