Photo Booth Fun in Wedding

“Wedding – Marriage – Ceremony” all this events make us feel awesome that we have few relations, where we shall meet up and make a memory, we dress well – adornment with jewels and accessories and so on.

All proof will captured as pictures and some may stored as portfolio. Unfortunately, it happens only with Bride and groom.

Yeah! We will be captured but it is for Bridegroom’s memory won’t be shared at the moment or you have to wait after wedding ceremony.

Yes, Photographers won’t take your pictures often.

OMG you just have to do as usual by taking Phone Selfies with the same pout and pose.

A Photo booth is a perfect solution for your wedding ceremony to give wedding poses. Then why late hire a photo booth. That’s where BILIMBE offers Fun Photo booth Experience and makes your Occasion cool, Just Take a Breathe Yes “BILIMBE” a Photo booth which takes your Selfie at any time with our photo booth props.

Use Bilimbe to do your

In our Recent post we wrote about Photo booth Fun in Wedding on this blog we have include few Poses for pictures and insane looks you can do before capturing your image to get best photo poses.

Duck face

Its a Sucked Cheeks and lips are pressed touching. Most commonly you can see on Social Networks, If you think about Duck or Donald duck Am sure now you have imagined right, this is the way to get funny poses.

Kissy Face

This one Familiar than Duck face, Ever since you saw a Girl in Pictures lying in a Bed half smile with Puckered up pose, Waving their hair and Falling to be Kissy and Jerky.

Fishy Gape

If you want to look like A Celeb on the Magazine, This shot might convince you. It creates a High fashion twist with Notable sign that you are Portrait certifiable poseur.

Brow too Strong

This one is Attitude Attire, Make sure you have Dark Brows to lift bit Higher and Tilt your head with Pride and Posture should be Rigid and Pout your Lips slightly.

Model Pout

Your Ex may comeback after seeing this Pose, Its Kind of Flirty image which puts your Lips front and centre looks like a Duck or Kissy face it stands in the middle, Technically its a Hot Look.

Flirty Half smile

This pose is for “If you Know How to Smile, not to Laugh”. Sure shot pose to Squeeze your Crush’s heart  – Only you have to do is SMILE with your Eyes with Closed Mouth.


Have you ever seen a Sun Directly? Just like that Squinch your Eyes slightly to get your Hot look. Stay Casual in looks.

Sparrow face

Have a Close look of Baby who is getting feed by His/her Mom, What you need to do is Have a Flirty look show your Pout bit improved with wide open eyes, Make sure your hair doesn’t cover the face.

Insane Look

Do whatever you want, Never worry about social comments. Do dirty by adding props and Ugly looks.

Full body shot & More

If you are Wearing pretty or dashing clothes, Add some actions that you are thinking or Gone mad. OR if your are Couple Kiss each other or Cuddle your couple close.

Selfie of the Selfie

Want to create Publicity? Take this Contest by taking Selfie of the Selfie. It may look like Someone interested in you would have taken when you are far away.

And One More, Instead of CLICK & POSE – Bilimbe created for special moments in wedding and get best photo poses So take the Photo Booth Experience Online and SHARE your pictures via Social Networks Including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and make your Event Fun filled. roulette kostenlos spielen