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We will not disclose your personal information to any third parties for marketing purposes.


This is the privacy and cookies policy for

We hereby undertake that this privacy and cookies policy describes the ways we capture your personal information what we do with it and what controls you have. We aim to ensure that any personal information we obtain and use about you will always be held, used and transmitted in compliance with all applicable data protection legislation. The following points of reference constitute our privacy policy.

  • -We are committed to protecting user privacy online. We understand that providing personal information is an act of trust and we take it seriously. We undertake that user personal information shared with us will not be distributed indiscriminately or used in ways that the user would not expect.
  • -Bilimbe will not disclose users’ personal information to any third parties for marketing purposes.
  • -All communications of news and offers will only be sent to users where users voluntarily sign up to receive these.
  • -This policy shall be updated from time to time and altered in keeping with legal regulations and needs of Bilimbe’s website.

User Information that will be collected

The information that Bilimbe will collect from users depends on the activities that the user is carrying out on the site, whether the user is logged in or not and whether the user is making a purchase or not. The following information may be collected and processed about users:

  • -Basic information (such as your name, email address, postal address (including zip code), telephone number) that is provided by the user while completing forms on the website, including registration information while registering as a user of the website, subscribe to any service, upload or submit any material via the website or request any information.
  • -Information collected in connection with an account sign-in facility, user-name, password and other log-in details;
  • -Details of any transactions made by the user through the website
  • -Credit Card, Debit Card and Banking details that the user provides while making purchases from the website that may be updated by the user or their card issuer from time to time.
  • -Details of changes to the user’s account that the user notifies Bilimbe of (such as address changes);
  • -Communications that the user sends to Bilimbe
  • -Information from surveys that Bilimbe may, from time to time, run for research purposes, if the user may so choose to respond to them; and
  • -Details of the user’s visits to the website, the resources that the user may access and any data that the user may download.

The user is under no obligation to provide any information. All information therefore provided by the user is given out of willing and voluntary participation. However, if the user chooses to withhold requested information, Bilimbe may not be able to provide the user with certain services.

At all times, Bilimbe is committed to protecting all user information and undertakes not to disclose any personally identifiable information to third parties without the user’s consent except in situations where:

  • -The disclosure is required by law.
  • -The use of the information is necessary for the performance of key operations such as mail delivery, hosting services, protecting users from fraud, and payment concerns pertaining to the user’s account.
  • -The disclosure is necessitated by sale of the business to a third party or expansion of the business to include a third party.

Bilimbe asserts that all companies, individuals and other affiliate program members will be recipients of aggregate information about only those customers that are directed to Bilimbe through links on their websites. No personally identifiable information will be provided to affiliate members. All information collected from affiliates will be used solely for the affiliate program and not for general marketing purposes. Bilimbe also provides analyses of customers in the aggregate to potential business partners, advertisers and marketers and other third parties. This is done to assist in understanding customers better and in aggregating and providing services appropriately for the user’s needs. Bilimbe may disclose, on an anonymous basis, any statements that are made by the users and customers such as comments or feedback that has been received on products. On no occasion will the personal information be disclosed to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties.

Bilimbe undertakes to enhance security procedures based on the availability of new technology. All security, cookies, privacy policies and terms of use are periodically reviewed and enhanced as found necessary in accordance with technology. Bilimbe cannot ensure or guarantee that loss, alteration, unauthorised access or improper use of information will never occur, but undertakes to use all reasonable efforts to prevent it all the same. While Bilimbe values security and makes every effort to ensure that all user information is secure on the system, it is important for users to know and understand that the submission of information over the Internet is never entirely secure. As a result, users cannot guarantee the security of any information that is transmitted, and all users do so at their own risk.

All user information is processed and stored in our databases on secure servers. This is necessary to process the information. Information submitted by the user may be transferred to other offices and/or to third parties mentioned in circumstances described above. On request, users will be provided you with a copy of their own information at no cost. They have a right to correct any errors in the information and can withdraw use and disclosure of information at their own discretion.

Nature of Use of Information

Bilimbe undertakes to make use of the information provided by the user to:

  • Enable the processing of orders and to provide users with the services and information offered through the website and which they request;
  • Administer the user’s account with Bilimbe;
  • Where available and applicable, verify and carry out financial transactions in relation to payments made by the user make online;
  • Provide the user with order and billing information
  • Establish trends in order to recommend other products that the user may like to purchase;
  • Audit the downloading of data from the website.
  • Verify user log in information in order to assist when a password or username is forgotten.
  • Identify visitors to the Site;
  • Make available special offers to users based on their engagement and long-standing association with Bilimbe.

At any time, users are free to cancel sharing of information by requesting Bilimbe via .

Other Information

When a user visits the website, it is possible that additional information may be collected. Such forms of information include:

  • -The internet browser in use while visiting the site
  • -The website from which the user visits the website
  • -The IP address of the computer the user uses to visit the website (this is an automatically recognized index by the web server).

However, this information cannot help identify you or your identity – but just offers an insight into the general demographics that visit the website, and to also retain it on record to identify fraud and impersonation, while also identifying if there are any issues to be determined at the website’s end.

Receiving Emails and Marketing from Bilimbe

If a user has signed up to receive emails and have ever provided us with an email address, the user will be associated with the email address and that will be linked to prior browsing and purchases, regardless of whether the user is logged in or not. Users who opt in voluntarily will receive emails on offers, notifications, change in policies and new products, along with other marketing emails. Users who sign up for information via postal mail shall receive regular mailers. On email and postal mail, users are free to opt out of marketing and informational material and may edit their preferences by contacting Bilimbe at any time.

Disclaimer on External Links

Bilimbe as a website may contain links to external websites and other platforms. Bilimbe asserts that they assume no responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of external platforms. Users are recommended to carefully read through all privacy policies of external websites before agreeing to their terms of use while on those websites.