Bilimbe Photobooth offer you best offer for occasion with best service -- fully customizable -- easy to use -- portable -- social media compatible -- Multiple output options


This is the Selfie era. Get a perfect one, always!


We will capture your special moments, even the crazy ones. Make use of our fun props!


Share it with your friends and family in multiple ways!


Photo booth Props has several results most commonly used Photo booth props were listed below for wedding ceremony which may make your Atmosphere to bloat away with wedding photo booth.

  • Photo frames
  • Feather Boas
  • Crazy Hats & Wigs
  • Masks
  • Afros and Lips (Plastic or Paper)

  • Most of these common photo booth props make your friends active and folks enjoy using photo booth hire. Take Photo Booth Rental is good with Wholesome fun because Photographers cant able to catch all party, From the Kids to Old, Even shyest folks can take an Insane pictures in the photo Booth somehow Photo Booth helps Behind the Scenes by adding custom Backgrounds and Themes to improvise your Fun Experience in any Event.


Best Selfie Magic Mirror Photo booth rental in Bangalore, Chennai & Delhi - Collective Photo booth Props

The best clicks are those when you present as yourself before the lenses.” Yes! We believe in the fact that when your eyes can listen to the camera before they see and when your posture aligns in the way it should be, and on top of these, a joyous and healthy smile on your lips is the best click of yours.

At Bilimbe it’s our ride on camera to assure you the best pictures of yours ever taken. We are the pioneers in photo booth model in Chennai, Coimbatore & Delhi spearheading quality maximization and delivering an ecstatic experience to the posers. A lot of set ups with photo booth models have sprung up in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore & Delhi in recent times but let us tell you that delivering the best is not child’s play.

The Services offered at Bilimbe photo booth in Bangalore, Chennai & Delhi are as follows:


Bilimbe photo booth Bangalore Chennai & Delhi offers photo booths for hire or rental. A photo booth usually has a camera stationed on the top with interactive touch screen also with WiFi technology. A hired and rental photo booth can be the best made use by standing in front of it at a considerable distance for the best clicks of yours. These photo booths in Chennai & Delhi precisely at Bilimbe are user friendly and flexible in usage.


The photo booths allow you to enhance your pictures to enhance in various ways at Bilimbe photo booths. Quality adjustments, orientation or tilting of postures, usage of properties like head gears, one liner cardboards, catchy and trendy fliers etc to make the picture more interactive and lively than a usual monotonous pictures. This is one of the advantages at Photo booths at Bilimbe, Chennai that you can customize your picture to your highest level of satisfaction.

Wedding/couple clicks

Photo booths can come in handy for either couple or wedding pictures. A newly wedded couple or a couple to be wedded can have their fun time with real time pictures in the most and the best way of soothing way. The photo booths at Bilimbe offers interactive nature of pictures which when looked at after few years down the line, still makes you remember the gleeful memories live before your eyes.

Selfie Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The most happening genre of photography in today’s world is selfie pictures. Selfies taken at photo booths at Bilimbe are adorable for varied reasons. Each mood can be captured at a photo booth. A selfie ensures that each moment is digitally documented for perusal in later times of life. Selfies have become a part of life now. So document them with care and precision at large with help of photo booths at Bilimbe, Chennai, Bangalore, coimbatore & Delhi.


Our photo booths offer instant pictures like a photo copying machine. Take your picture and get the hard copy of it instantly, yeah like puff! Here’s your picture. Like other advantages, this instant photography delivery mechanism at photo booth is a feather in Bilimbe’s cap.


Ready to be talk of the town? A picture is worth a thousand shares! Interested in booking Bilimbe Photo booth for your events? Get in touch

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